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In 1974, Fynn told the story of Anna, a waif from Londons East End whom he found wandering near the docks one foggy night. Mister God, This is Anna was the touching account of the remarkable friendship between an intuitive, intelligent and disconcertingly perceptive child and the young man of nineteen who befriended her. In the course of the extraordinary relationship that developed between them, Anna changed Fynns life forever, as her story changed the lives of millions of readers.Now Fynn brings us Annas Book, a complilation of Annas own writings, which Fynn has saved since her death. Fresh with the unexpected insights of a child, Annas Book deals with such diverse and vital subjects as organized religion, the Bible, and Annas relationships with her absent mother and with Fynn. But most of all, Annas Book is about Mister God, more real and compelling to Anna than anyone or anything else in the world.

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