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FIVE STARSF.G. Adams has knocked it out of the park again with this story. This is book 2 in the This is our Life series and it could totally be a stand alone. There isnt much if any overlap from the first book.In this one we follow Keagan Fontneau as he is on a job trying to find and break up a ring of human trafficking. His travels lead him to a motel/restaurant owned by a friend of his. Riding out a hurricane. In walks a blast from the past. The girl he was best friends with in high school and the only girl who has ever had his heart.Jocelyn Blackwood not allowed to date in high school because of her strict punishing father. Befriends Keagan Fontneau and they are inseperable until Jocelyns sister takes off never to be heard from. Being the oldest at home her fathers attention is turned to her and she becomes a recluse and hides from most everyone to avoid the negative attention from her father. After graduation Jocelyn moves away to go to college and she gets a degrees and becomes a Psychologist. After high school Keagan goes into the Army and they lose contact with each other.On her way to a college reunion with a friend, Katrina, Jocelyn finds herself trapped in a hurricane and they cannot possibly travel any farther. They find a motel/restraunt and pull in and luck out by getting the last room available. After hot showers and drying out her and her friend go to the bar to find some food and Jocelyn feels as if shes being watched.Keagan cannot believe his eyes when Jocelyn walks into the bar. After all these years and there she is. After dinner and a couple drinks. Jocelyn and Katrina walk over to a table with two men and they sit and have a few more drinks. Jocelyn finds herself drawn to the mans eyes. She doesnt know why but they remind her of someone she knew. This story follows Jocelyn as she is trying to find out why a set of twins who lost their father not too long ago have taken a sudden decline in school and life. And it follows Keagan as he is trying to track down the leaders of a human trafficking ring and find a baby that was kidnapped 2 weeks prior. After they all leave the motel and go on their seperate ways Keagan finds ways to track down Jocelyn and make things right. Now all they need is to find trust in each other and work through everything. The end of this book is DEFINATELY a feel good ending. Cant wait to see where F.G. Adams goes in book 3.

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